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Invention of the hottest services in Germany and Europe

We at CUBENet AG can look back on over 30 years of partly groundbreaking developments in the fields of software engineering, IT operations and hosting, Internet and all types of communication services. Our projects still enjoy a high profile today - or are on the verge of doing so.

ginlo - our most current project

The GmbH was founded in 2020 with an experienced team in the areas of communication, encryption, data security, GDPR – and of course in the development and marketing of powerful internet services. offers modern and powerful communication products to prevent digital abuse, such as invasion of privacy, spying on secrets and undermining individual and constitutional sovereignty. They develop technology that helps and protects people, organisations and state institutions – made & hosted in Germany.

GMX on the run

In 1996, CUBENet founder Karsten Schramm invented the freemail service GMX and introduced it to the public in 1997. Initially advertised only within CUBENet's own customer base, GMX developed rapidly and quickly advanced to become Germany's largest Internet service. The image shows the GMX welcome screen in the year 2000.

The early years

One of the earliest web presences of CUBENet from 1996 shows the beginnings of the WWW. Years before the Internet was officially available for private users in 1994, we were already there for our customers with mailbox and Usenet news services.

We always find a solution.